Experience in delivering business results

Issues addressed with significant workforce implications:

Major Business Change Implemented major change initiatives, including new business strategy, new brand development, new technology implementation, integration post-merger/acquisition, preparation for divestiture, etc.

Business Growth Conducted talent management audits and identified ways to optimize leader and employee performance in support of a rapidly changing organizational needs.

Culture/Mindset Change Developed and implemented strategic communications plans and programs to engage employees in new ways of thinking and behaving.  For example, revitalizing the concept of ‘ethics’ and integrating this concept into the day to day work of leaders and employees to reduce the level of organizational risk.

Vision/Mission Development and Realization Facilitated the development of vision, mission and values, and managed the implementation of initiatives that brought it to life in the organization.

Functional Improvement (HR, Comms) Conducted functional audits, and implemented programs to  improve functional productivity, quality and effectiveness.