About the Firm

Workforce Effectiveness

Enabling your workforce to deliver results

Vienne Consulting is a management consulting firm focused on workforce effectiveness: helping organizations achieve business results by optimizing the performance of their workforce.

From major change initiatives to strategic and focused talent management programs, Diana Vienne, the firm’s founder and Principal, has been working with executives of Fortune 500 clients for over 15 years, enabling their workforces to deliver business results. Diana has partnered with CEOs, COOs and CFOs as well as HR and Communications executives and other business leaders on all key aspects of workforce effectiveness.  

Diana delivers customized solutions with individualized attention for each client.  Using a broad network of consultants with specialized expertise, Diana brings the best thinking, experience and quality to every client and project.

Executing major business strategies requires a flexible and high performing workforce. What you need to deliver business outcomes probably already exists within your organization — the solution can be found by mining and maximizing your employees’ potential.